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Inside sources today reported that 45th President of the United States was resigning from office, effective at 8 am Tuesday, July 18, 2017. This is only the second time in history that a United States president resigned from office. Richard M. Nixon was the first American president to resign, under pressure from congress for impeachment. Vice President Mike Pence, will become the 46th U.S President at 8:01 am, Tuesday, July 18, 2017. A replacement for Vice President hasn’t yet been decided by Mr. Pence. President Trump said the reason for him leaving office was there were too many people questioning everything he was doing and he just isn’t used to that. So after six months in office, it seems Trump has had enough. Mr. Pence said that he was sorry to see Trump go, but it was God’s decision that he take office as soon as possible. Mr. Pence will be sworn in to office at the White House at 8:01 am after a prayer meeting headed by Baptist pastor, Franklin Graham.

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