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YouTuber Ronnie Green has been charged with aggrivated assault on World Video Game Champion Skip Rogers in Yonkers, New York on Sunday according to the Yonkers Police Department. After a bitter dispute over the past few years on who was has scored the most points in Shadowgate, things escalated quickly when Ronmower(Ronnie Green)cracked a steel chair over the head of Skip Rogers, who was rushed to the Yonkers Baptist Hospital with severe head trama. Bystanders were chanting “ECW! ECW! ECW!” as Ronnie Green was being lead away in handcuffs to the Downtown Yonkers Police Department. Witnesses say that an irate Ronmower had snapped and had seemingly turned heel. “It was surreal”, one witness said, terrified. Police said Green could face suspension from YouTube up to 1 year.

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