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Lures today just don’t work anymore, the fish are too smart now. Rarely you’ll hear an old fisherman tell you the story of how he caught a giant tuna fish on a lure that just won’t please other fishermen anymore. Also, the newest lures out today don’t look appealing to fish in anymore, that is why you will see someone fishing with a lure his or her entire life never get bites that they used to get when they were younger. This fishing generation is tired of lures that the fish just falls right off of and want a stronger but yet efficient kind of lure to keep the joy in the sport of fishing.

This brand new lure can catch a fish just as it touches the water’s surface. SUPER STEALTH! This water demon Is extremely light weight and has lightweight, but the strongest treble hooks for the easiest of catches. These are seen in multiple sizes ranging from the size of a minnow to what sharks call: A BIG MEAL!!! Our scientists have recorded that the new SUPER STEALTH lure has been proven to work in 96.99999% of all bodies of water throughout the world!!! this includes you salt and fresh water!

This lure is only $5.99, so hurry up and buy as many as you can before it begins flying out of your local sporting goods reailer’s front door.

If this lure does not work or gets damaged before your 3 to 5 year warranty ends, send the lure with the warranty to the nearest Stealth Fishermans manufacturer’s address (as stated inside the box with the website and email address) in your state or country to get not another one, but 5 more different colors and sizes of your choice for free!!

Better hurry or all the fish will be gone by the time you decide to go and get one of these SUPER STEALTH lures!!

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