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local chavy cunt Jack Bon has today killed one of his best friend David Baillie cause he claimed in another news article they were gay lovers.

The deranged psychopath broke into David house in balerno at 2am last night and murdered the whole family, when we asked Jack if he enjoyed killing him he replied “YES!!! I’LL MURDER YOU ALL!!!!”he then proceeded to kill every reporter as well as all the families of the local neighbours.

Since the Scottish police are so goddamn useless and are usually busty watching porn or smoking hash during their shifts no attempt has been made to arrest Jack Bon and likely never will.

Normally our thoughts would go out to Davids family and friends but since David has been such a Cunt to Jack we will personally take his corpse and chuck it down the deepest, darkest hole imaginable and the proceed to fill the hole with petrol and then burn his dead body to incineration.

rest in pieces David Baillie 88888877788 – purple “WHY’S MY BURRITO STUCK UP MY ASS AGAIN?!!!!!”

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