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Locals in the Banduff area are up in arms and are “quite frankly, fed up” with the latest series of Pranks orchestrated by two of the Bawnleigh Bandits most notorious members; Rachael O’ Goreous and Richard “Sally Handsome” Crowley. The fued between the two after a night of alcohol abuse at Corks hottest nightclub; The Voodoo Rooms. The gang and their entourage made their way to Bawnleigh Court for a nightcap when Rachael O’ Gorgeous passed out on her couch and Richard “Sally Handsome” Crowley T-peed both Rachael and her entire sitting room.

This then led to Ms O’ Gorgeous lashing back by wrapping Mr. Crowley’s “Shag Wagon” car with cling film and tin foil. Since the initial war of pranks started, a series of threats and other pranks have taken place including the rearranging of outdoor furniture and late night threatening phone calls to each other’s parents.

Mary & John O’ Gorgeous fled the country to Portugal for fear they would get caught up further with this entire episode. The Daily Doocey has received information from a source close to the Crowley family that Valerie is not in fact holidaying in Portugal also but is locked up in a ward for mental patients due to the constant abusive phone calls from Rachael.

Neither of the two were available for comment this afternoon as unofficial reports came in of Rachael trying to push Richard off the Cliffs of Moher in an attempt to “put an end to it once and for all”.

The locals are fearful of next weekend when The Bawnleigh Bandits will be on an unsupervised night out in The Voodoo Rooms. Luckily, The Daily Doocey will be live from the club with any updates from this war of pranks.

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