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The idea of selling ones’ virginity has always been quite taboo. We have covered the controversial issue before, due to its’ rising popularity. The practice gained momentum after 18-year-old supermodel Kyla Moore, more commonly referred to as “DEATHBOMB”, made it known that she has always been interested in the idea of selling her virginity in exchange for cash. As she turns a year older, we all wonder… will she really do it? Tighten your chastity belts readers, it’s going to be an intense article.
The practice of selling sex is of course illegal, so when the model made what seemed to be a light hearted joke during one of our interviews earlier this year, we had no idea the commotion it would cause.
When interviewing a then impressionable Kyla Moore back in ’16, we asked about her rapid growing modeling career. The teen had just signed to IMG Models, and we asked her about her plans for the future. To this she replied, “…I mean if this doesn’t work out I guess I’ll just sell my virginity, you know what I mean?”
This comment sent the internet on a rampage, and caused an estimated 6,900 virgins to sell their virginities. A full fledged investigation on NODEATH began as the world looked for answers about this incredible taboo.
The 5’10 model is one part of the controversial group NODEATH, a collective of influential and artistic youth based out of Los Angeles, California. The collective has been investigated as police had reason to believe it was the cover for a major prostitution ring. A small joke made by DEATHBOMB foreshadowed an entire illegal oppression allegedly ran right out of a luxury apartment in LA. Also heavily involved is Tricia “NOVIA” Hernandez, of NODEATH. It is rumored she does more of the “recruiting” for the organization.
Is NODEATH just a front for an entire illegal operation? Is Kyla Moore going to be the youngest billionaire as she consideres the highest bids? Well as we say here at Channel 45 News, as we know, you know! Until next time folks, stay basic!

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