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The program headed up by local botanist and marine biologist Greg Preslar and backed by the Liberian government to import the species, has turned into a bloody nightmare for one local land owner. Otis Wilkes got more than he bargained for this Thursday when he went out to his pond for a quick fishing trip. Having imported pygmy hippo’s to eat the giant salvinia on the property,Otis had unknowingly created a haven for monster alligators. This photo was taken just as the monstrous “gator-zilla” was enjoying it’s latest victim. The Liberian government has recently pulled all funding and is now requesting the endangered species to be transported back to Africa,and the La dept of wildlife and fisheries has made plans to remove “gator-zilla”,but due to breeding over the last few years it will be difficult to find all of the offspring. When asked about the situation Wilkes had this to say. “See ya later alligator”. Film at 11.

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