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The google page above was found after hearing Ms. Blairs story. Ms. Blair who has a limited data plan decided to connect her IPhone to her company’s network. Sure steeling wifi isn’t exactly a punishable crime or is it? What we found is that when individuals connect to a secure company wifi they actually are just handing over there private conversations.

Ms. Blair was excited to not only be at a new job but also have a blossoming romance. So she would sneak a text here and there. Maybe even take her phone to the bathroom to send something sweet to her new bow. But what Ms. Blair didn’t know is that her every text was being tracked and even upload online.

Ms. Blair’s new romantic relationship was steaming up in a hot tub that is and her new bow unknowingly put her all over the internet and ultimately almost cost her a job. He would send her sweet messages throughout the day and say #hottubjulie talking about plans for the night.

This went on for weeks until Vice President of NACO Edwin Everett stumbled upon the #hottubjulie while training a California provider on polo therapy for elderly patients. To his surprise he stated “I put in polo therapy and our network manager Julie Blair popped up and at the top of google.” Ms. Blair was in total shock when this was brought to her attention.

We spoke at length with Ms. Blair and she said ” I don’t understand technology and I want to warn others” Ms. Blair her celebrates her 30th birthday for the 22nd on July 14,2017 stated “people in my age bracket just doesn’t understand all this technology I mean one hashtag in a text and you are lumped in with the porn stars.”

We at news 45 want to thank Ms. Blair for making us aware and also for her bravery for leaving the hashtags up to make others aware.

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