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Robert L Dewey and Dillon R Jacobs were apprehended on July 9, 2017 at a Residence located at 207. E. Cole Rd.
The duo were apprehended on charges of white slavery, sex trafficking, pos of schd 4 narcotic.

McClain Co. Sheriffs Officer arrived on scene to find several women arguing over Robert Dewey and Dilon Jacobs . These women were half naked ranging in ages from 18 to 36. At first we thought this was a demestic dispute. Then we quickly realized the duo were pimps. The arguing was over money . Upon our arrival we witnessed Dillon Jacobs backhand one women demanding money. At which point we intervened.

Upon entry to residence we found several rooms cut n half with beds and sextoys and sex drugs. Then we realized these boys were running a brothel .

Robert Dewey and Dillon Jacobs were released on there on personal recognise on July 10, 2017 .

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