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Late Tuesday afternoon, a mother and her son were seen fist fighting in the hardware department in the Walmart located in the El Con Mall. Security was called when another patron of the store was struck in the elbow by a handheld shower head. Apparently, the altercation between the two hooligans started over which brand to buy. The shower head is needed because the mother of Sherryl VanCleave of 1310 N Richey Blvd is blind and disabled and needs many handicap assistance devices in the home. The duo were going to purchase the part so Rider Henry’s (the son) father, Ron Henry could install it himself saving the family 50.00 in handyman fees.
Police arrived to haul the Bonnie and Clyde of shower heads off to jail. There is an arraignment pending depending on how many grapes and Dr. Peppers the two can bribe the judge with…you have been pranked! LOL!

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