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During a Press Briefing today, it was disclosed that Cola will be joining Allo in Poris to attend the ‘First Inaugural Meeting of ‘Headists’ to Discuss the Appropriate use of the Term Bing-Bang-Boom-Out’, as well as the application of VAT to any person caught using the term of social media platforms. The discussion will also encapsulate the application of 2% royalties to the founder and CEO of the patent.

Reports reaching this newscast indicate that this is the highest level conference to ever be held in Poris, Fronce since COPY21.OhMyGoshTrumpScrapDeDamnTing….

Stay tuned for updates and views of Poris as our reporting team prepares to Fly Out Fly Out.

This news update came to you by the kind courtesy of our Editor-in-Chief, Ms. Ahtouring Ahtouring, BingBangBoomOut News Agency, Lot 1 Tower I Fell, Poris, France.

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